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Jul 20

Not Today

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Today I was not patient;
caught up in the drama was I.
It was a nothing problem
that left me frustrated
and feeling that I had somehow
failed the test;
sent back to kindergarden
to learn the lesson again.

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Jul 17

Seeing Again …

Seeing Again …

Eye“One sees things for the first time only once.”

Some anonymous person

You know what they say about couples in a long-time stable relationship, right?

“I still get a thrill when I see her, just like the first time we met.”   Yeah, right …

Time and familiarity has a way of playing with our perceptions and our emotions.  You might feel an overwhelming and positive emotion when you see someone you…

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Jul 15

Good Morning, Heartland ….

Good Morning, Heartland ….

Kaldi's Morning 1

Sometimes you just have to slow down and work at half-speed … even though it’s only Tuesday …

I will sit here with my bottomless coffee cup and a decent view of suburban America, and work at my own speed today, while I watch the rest of the world rush by.  I will not worry about deadlines or things I need to accomplish or complete.  I will do some things that matter mostly or only to me. 


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Jul 14

Poll: How introverted are you?

A hostile work environment: 6 actions to help end it